Keep Your Brakes in Great Shape With Help From Our Toyota Technicians

Part of keeping your vehicle in great shape involves inspecting your brakes regularly. Your brakes are integral to your safety, so it's important that they stay in great shape. You can learn more about brake maintenance in the video below.

When you bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance, make sure your technician inspects your brakes as well. If you notice any strange sounds or vibrations when you hit the brakes, that's a sign that they need to be repaired. Here at Capitol Toyota we have a team of Toyota-trained technicians who know exactly how to repair your brakes and make sure they stay in tip-top shape.

If your brakes need to be inspected, make an appointment at our service center. We are conveniently located in Salem, OR and we would be happy to inspect and repair your brakes so your vehicle can keep running correctly and safely.

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