Tire Rotation: Simple yet Crucial Maintenance Task

Tire rotation might be the easiest auto maintenance practice; however, it is very crucial. Seeking tire rotation services from qualified mechanics is wise. Quality service will be assured to all residents of Salem who will visit Capitol Toyota for tire rotation.

The following are the importance of timely tire rotation:

  • Extends the longevity of wheels
  • Promotes steady handling of your vehicle, which plays a paramount role in prevention of tire-related road accidents
  • Saves you cash as wheel replacements will be rare

Since car weight is unevenly distributed, uneven tire wear is inevitable. Front wheels are more susceptible to tear since braking shifts car's mass to the front. Each wheel should be repositioned to a different corner of the car regularly to avoid uneven wearing of tires.

Tire rotation is a simple task that does not require any technical knowledge. All you need to have is a jack and jack stands (a set). Assuredly, you can do this yourself. Our mechanics, at Capitol Toyota are,. however, always willing to help whenever needed.

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