Belts and Hoses Require TLC

Few things feel more frustrating than a delayed trip or a roadside breakdown due to a malfunctioning hose or belt. But Capitol Toyota in Salem has the perfect remedy for avoiding such mishaps by getting them inspected on a regular basis at our five-star service department.

As belts and hoses continue to perform month after month, simple aging as well as extremes in temperature can cause rusting, cracks, leaks and breaks. Air conditioning, the alternator, power steering and water pumps are just a few of your vehicle's operations that require sturdy and well-maintained hoses and belts to keep your car running smoothly.

At Capitol Toyota in Salem our service experts really know their way around the complex map of hard-working belts and hoses under your vehicle's hood. Schedule a few minutes for an inspection this week that can help to prevent hours of aggravation as well as expense down the road.

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