Enjoying the Interior of the 2019 Toyota 86

When looking for a vehicle that is going to give you a great experience, one of the best places to look is from the vehicle manufacturer that is known for having some of the safest vehicles. We at Capitol Toyota recommend the Toyota 86 for your consideration and hopefully your enjoyment.

When looking into the interior of the 2019 Toyota 86, you are going to get tons of great features as it depends on the trim. When it comes to the Granlux Trim, you get key accents that touch on the door panels and other areas of the interior of the 2019 Toyota 86.

One thing to look for in the Granlux Trim is the extra bit of style that comes in the form of the "86" logo that is located above the passenger-side glove box. The suede-like interior of the Granlux is something that is worth considering for a test drive.



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