Toyota Tacoma Truck: Ready to Roll Anywhere

The Toyota Tacoma pickup truck is acclaimed for its solid mechanical capabilities. Visit Capitol Toyota to glance at the TRD editions of this light-duty vehicle that's tuned to overcome tough obstacles on paved roads and undeveloped trails in the United States of America.

Would you like to attain optimum acceleration on highways? Get a rear-wheel drive for this Toyota pickup truck. The Automatic Limited-Slip Differential is linked to the RWD system. Do you want much better all-terrain performance? Get the 4WDemand system that's engineered to roll smoothly on a wide range of landscapes. The Auto LSD is also integrated into this signature AWD system.

Select trims boast the Active Traction Control for enhanced off-road performance. This exclusive technology also reduces the stopping distance on wet pavement. Thinking of taking a trip to the desert? The Tacoma is available with a special air intake system that's mounted high above the ground.



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