New Toyota Car Models | Information & Comparisons

If you've ever owned a Toyota, you already know that you can count on fresh styling, affordability, safety, and durability for many years of worry-free ownership. What you don't already know is specific information about the newest sedans. Things like horsepower, torque, amount of interior space, and features of the latest infotainment systems. That's where Capitol Toyota comes in. We've put together these lists of features and side-by-side comparisons just so you can whittle down the choices until you discover which sedan is the perfect match for you. Before you know it, you'll be a veritable expert on cars like the Camry and Corolla; two models that have been immensely popular for decades, thanks to their affordability, reliability, and never skimping on the elements of style. So if you're ready to explore the details of some of the best-selling cars in America, dive in by clicking one of the links below.

On this page, you'll learn specifically about two of Toyota's latest 4-door cars: the 2022 Camry, and the 2022 Corolla. If you're curious about Toyota Trucks, SUVs, or hybrid vehicles, they're covered on other pages.

New Toyota Camry Model Comparisons

New Toyota Camry Comparisons

New Toyota Corolla Model Comparisons

New Toyota Corolla Comparisons

The Difference Between A Sedan & A Hatchback Defined

Did you know that if you look up "sedan" in the dictionary, the first definition is of an enclosed chair for conveying one person, like a king or queen. And while we'll make you feel like royalty at Capitol Toyota, our definition of a sedan is quite different. The automotive industry term "sedan" refers to every car which has 4 doors on its sides, and does not have a hatchback. A "hatchback" is a vehicle on which there is a rear door that swings upward and is hinged at the top of the rear window instead of at the bottom of the window, which would be a regular trunk. Essentially, almost the entire rear of the vehicle is a door. A hatchback can be either a 2 or 4-door vehicle. Both models are capable of carrying up to 5 people comfortably as well as providing plenty of space for cargo.

For 85 years, Toyota has been engineering, designing, and building vehicles that stand the test of time. The newest models also pack plenty of luxury and considerable performance. Stop by Capitol Toyota in Salem, Oregon, and we'll be happy to show you all the wonderful features of the newest Toyota vehicles, and a few of the not-so-new models as well.