If you're looking for a newer model ride, but don't want to take on the burden of purchasing a brand-new model and have a high monthly payment, leasing might be the ideal solution for you. Anyone with a passion for caring for their ride and a stable lifestyle can benefit from leasing options. Wondering what makes you an ideal leasing candidate? If you drive an average amount of miles annually and have good credit standing, leasing is another option outside of purchasing to outfit you in the latest Toyota models of your dreams. Stop by the parkway at Capitol Toyota, and see all the reasons why drivers choose the Capitol Auto Group for all their auto needs.

Lower Monthly Payments

Chances are high you'll receive a lower monthly payment amount when you choose to lease. Across the same term, leasing a vehicle regularly offers customers a lower payment of between 30-60%. That's a huge difference to help you slip into the latest and greatest Toyota models on the market today. Those savings can help make auto insurance more affordable throughout the year, and gives you options when choosing upgrades or add-ons to make your Toyota one-of-a-kind./p>

More Car for Your Money

Stretch your money so it benefits you. If you want a reliable ride that won't cause a massive dent to your wallet, leasing is a great choice. You'll be able to afford a newer and nicer ride for the same amount of money, and you won't need to settle on one vehicle for the next 5+ years. Enjoy the flexibility of upgrading your ride more regularly with the option to trade-in and trade-up for a brand-new leasing vehicle every 2-4 years! If staying up on the latest automotive advancements is a big deal for you, leasing is the way to go.

Fewer Maintenance Issues

Leasing gives you the option to take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty coverage. You can time the length of your lease to follow the timeline of your warranty so if an issue does arise it's covered and not another out of pocket expense. Keeping costs down on repairs can make a big difference over the length of your lease.

Less Cash Up Front

Even if the overall cost of your leased vehicle is the same as what you planned to spend for a purchased ride, you still save money in the long run. Many lease options require little to no down payment, so right out the gate you've already cut your costs. These savings free up your wallet for other things and take some of the financial burden off finding a new ride.

No Used-Car Hassles

When your lease term ends, your vehicle comes back to the Capitol Auto Group.  So if you're in the market for another ride there's no hassle about what to do with this one. Simply stop by our dealership when the term is complete to trade-in and upgrade to another leasing option. If this is the vehicle of your dreams, you can also speak with an experienced member of our staff about purchasing your leased vehicles and the next steps. Otherwise you can bid goodbye to your leased ride and step back into the dealership to find another great option with top of the line advancements.


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