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It is important to know a few things about your vehicle so when a light pops up on your dashboard you don't need to worry. Our talented team of factory-trained technicians has you covered and have put together an informative list of five things you should know about your vehicle's oil system. Read below to take a deep dive into what those oil lights on the dash mean. If you want to learn more, reach our service team.

If you see this oil warning light, your engine is at risk of serious damage;

5. There's A Difference Between The Oil Warning Light & Oil Change Reminder

Your Toyota vehicle, like most vehicles, has a way to remind you of maintenance. A light or message might appear on your dash to tell you it is time for an oil change. The reminder of maintenance is pretty self-explanatory but it is always best to make an appointment with an authorized service center where they will not only take care of the oil change, but also reset your reminder light.

When you see the oil warning light, this is a more serious matter. This light looks like a genie lamp with a drop coming out of the end, but in some models it is a red light that says OIL. Any red warning light that your vehicle displays is an indication that your vehicle needs maintenance as soon as possible to avoid serious damage. When the oil warning light comes on, it is a sign that the engine oil pressure has dropped to a low level, which is dangerous. An engine running with low oil pressure can quickly destroy the engine.

Message on car gauge cluster that it is time to change the engine oil 

4. Low Oil Pressure

When the low oil pressure light comes on, it is best to turn your vehicle off and not use it until the problem is fixed. While we understand this is very inconvenient, it is better than risking the dangerous amount of damage driving the vehicle may cause on your engine. When the oil pressure light comes on, it is not always a sign of disaster. Often, this light comes on when the sensor needs to be replaced, which is an easy and affordable task.

3. Low Oil Level

When the amount of oil in the engine drops, the engine oil pressure is low, which is not good for your engine's health. It is important to check the engine oil regularly. Checking your vehicle's oil is very easy. First park on level ground, then let the engine cool before popping the hood. Once the engine is cool, look for the dipstick, which is likely yellow. When you pull the dipstick for the first time, wipe it off to get a clean fresh reading. Reinsert the dipstick, then remove it again. You will be able to get an accurate reading of the level of oil in your engine. If it is too low, it is time to fill it with the recommended oil type for your engine. You can find which type of oil is best for your vehicle in your owner's manual.

An oil pump like this one is responsible for keeping engine parts lubricated

2. Engine Oil Pump Isn't Working

If you have checked your vehicle's oil level and the sensor is working as it should, then the next reason the low oil pressure light is on is because there is a low oil pressure in the oil pump. The oil pump is located at the bottom of the engine inside the oil pan, and not an easy thing to replace. It is best to make an appointment with your local Toyota service center, where they can handle the job. Thankfully, this is not a common problem in Toyota models. If by chance, you encounter this problem, it is a quick and affordable repair.

1. Don't Drive Your Vehicle With Low Oil Pressure

As we have stressed above, do not drive with low oil pressure. If you keep driving your vehicle with low oil pressure you risk destroying your engine. When you see the low pressure light, this is the first important warning to seek help from your local service center. If you wait too long, your engine will start to make disturbing sounds, which means it's too late. If you see your oil pressure light come on, heed the warning, and call the professionals at Capitol Toyota as soon as possible. It may be something as easy as replacing a sensor, or replacing the oil pump. No matter the root of the problem, you can trust your team of factory- trained mechanics at Capitol Toyota.

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