Genuine Toyota Replacement Fluids

When it comes to changing the fluids in your vehicle, some people believe that any old brand will do, especially if the label matches what they're looking for. Believe it or not, It truly does matter which brand you choose. Making sure the fluid has the correct chemical make-up is crucial to your vehicle's performance. When you shop at Capitol Toyota, you'll find that the fluids we stock are made exclusively by Toyota and meet specific requirements. Genuine Toyota  Motor Oil is made to consider certain factors such as climate and corrosion, so many conditions of the motor oil you use will affect the efficiency and longevity of your car. You can rest assured that when you bring your Toyota to our service center, you'll get only the best, high-quality fluids put back into your car. We always uses OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and fluids with only the best in mind for your vehicle. Continue to read below for more advantages to using Toyota recommended replacement fluids. We also encourage you to stop on by and talk to any one of our expert technicians for more information.

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Super-Long-Life Antifreeze/Coolant

This antifreeze and coolant has been approved by Toyota Motor Company and is formulated to regulate the temperature of your engine without utilizing borate, nor any kinds of silicates. That means it will last longer, making for increased intervals between coolant system flushes, and more peace of mind for you.

  • Pre-diluted 50/50
  • Compatibility with non-metallic materials helps it extend the life of water pump seals
  • Compatible with Toyota Red Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Won't clog radiators due to silicone "gelling"
  • Won't corrode aluminum surfaces like coolants that contain borate

Genuine Toyota Motor Oil

Oil is the life blood of your engine. Without it, your engine would literally grind to a halt. With the wrong oil, your engine will need to work harder, and is more likely to overheat. Toyota Motor Oil is specially formulated with an additive that fights corrosion and foaming.

  • Available in 5W-30, 10W-30 and 10W-40 grades
  • Viscosity index improvers stabilize viscosity levels for a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Four-point depressants maintain fluidity in cold climates

Synthetic Motor Oil

Recently designed vehicles perform better with synthetic motor oil than they do with regular oil, because synthetic keeps a lower viscosity (so that it's more like water than gel) that's easier for your engine to pump through the system. That also makes for better penetration through the tight tolerances that come from Toyota's precise manufacturing.

  • Longer oil change intervals
  • Helps improve fuel economy
  • Helps improve thermal stability

Brake Cleaner

Why is brake cleaner fluid so important? It removes oil, dirt, and other debris from your braking system with a mixture of chemicals that break down those elements and wash them away. That not only extends the life of your brake pads and rotors, but gives you more reliable braking power.

  • Helps prevent brake squeal and chatter
  • Quick drying
  • Cleans without any waxy film or residue

Battery Cleaner

It's more important than you think to occasionally clean your vehicle's battery. Over time, corrosive materials will build up, which reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the battery. Corrosive buildup on the connecting poles and wires can cause your car to break down, or possibly to not even start at all.

  • Protective film helps provide a barrier against corrosion
  • Penetrates and emulsifies dirt, grease and deposits
  • Helps return pH to a safe level
  • Light red color turns blue in the presence of acid

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Long before a damaged transmission leaves you stranded on the side of the road, it will grind, shudder, struggle to change gears, or maybe even refuse to change gears. That's not something you want to find out right when you're merging onto the highway, or making a left turn at an intersection.

  • Helps control "shudder" and provide excellent drivability
  • Resists foaming and oxidation
  • Extends transmission life

Brake Fluid

Zero-to-sixty will give you a thrill, but sixty-to-zero will save your life. Even when you're just pulling into a parking space, you rely on the fluid in your hydraulic brake system to prevent an expensive fender-bender. Toyota-approved brake fluid can withstand high temperatures, and is recommended for all Toyota brake systems.

Capitol Toyota Uses Only High Quality Parts For You

At Capitol Toyota we understand that a lot of our customers enjoy doing maintenance such as fluid changes themselves so we strive to provide information that can help you to properly perform these tasks. While it's easy to walk into your local third-party automotive store and find a generic brand for less, it won't necessarily provide the protection your vehicle needs. What you'll find there is meant to cover a wide variety of vehicles and can lead to your car, truck, or SUV seeing a decrease in performance and fuel efficiency. At our service center, you'll only find genuine OEM parts and fluids that were designed specifically for your make and model of vehicle. This means extra peace of mind knowing that you're putting high quality fluids back into your beloved Toyota. Come visit us at 783 Auto Group Avenue Northeast in Salem to chat with any of our friendly team members or a knowledgeable technician about the best products for your Toyota car, truck, or SUV.


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