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It only makes sense that drivers want to get the most out of their vehicles. While this has led to a wealth of useful information, it also means that there are some questionable tips floating around. In particular, myths abound when it comes to keeping your car's fuel system in good condition. On this page, we'll look at five of the more common myths we hear--and we'll let you know if any of them have merit.

Engine fuel filter

5. Myth: Sugar in the Gas Tank Can Ruin an Engine

This is an old myth that's remarkably persistent. It seems like most people know a friend whose cousin's neighbor's car got ruined after a rival poured sugar into the gas tank. As the myth goes, the sugar will be drawn into the engine with the gas, where it will caramelize and wreck the engine. However, this isn't true. Sugar doesn't dissolve in gasoline, so it won't change the nature of the gas itself. At the worst, the sugar could clog up the fuel filter. This would be inconvenient, and you might have to pay to have the filter replaced, but it's a far cry from destroying the engine.

Conclusion: False (but don't try it)

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4. Myth: Buying Gas Early in the Day Saves You Money

This myth is based on real science, so it sounds plausible. Gasoline is less dense when it's hot, and more dense when it's cold. So, the theory goes, filling your car up when it's cooler (like in the early morning, or on colder days) will get you more bang for your buck. While the science is sound, there is something the myth fails to take into account. The gas you pump into your car is stored in insulated tanks buried underground. These two things mean that the tanks aren't as prone to temperature swings, so the gas stays at a pretty consistent temperature. Even on colder days, any temperature change would be too small to noticeably affect the density of the gasoline.

Conclusion: False

3. Myth: Premium Gas Is Better for Your Engine

In some vehicles, like the 2020 Toyota 86, premium fuel is recommended for the engine, though it isn't strictly required. For some other vehicles, like the 2020 Toyota GR Supra, premium fuel is a requirement. However, this isn't the case with most vehicles. More often than not, your car will run just fine with regular unleaded gas. Even so, some car owners decide to treat their cars to the occasional fuel-up with premium gas even though their engine doesn't require or recommend it. In this situation, the only benefit is for the station selling you the gas. "Premium" doesn't mean that the gas is better: it simply means that it has a higher octane rating. This means that it can withstand higher compression without combusting. If premium gas isn't recommended or required for your vehicle, adding it will have no benefits.

Conclusion: Mostly False

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2. Myth: Driving Until the Fuel Light Turns On Is Bad For Your Car

The idea behind this one is that running your car until the gas tank is nearly empty means that built-up debris will be able to get loose and clog the fuel pump. In addition, running on fumes may harm the fuel pump, which relies on gasoline to act as a coolant. There's actually some merit to this; though it certainly doesn't happen all the time, both of these things are real possibilities. We recommend always keeping your gas tank at least 1/4 full to prevent this. Furthermore, refueling at this point makes it less likely for you to run out of gas when you're driving.

Conclusion: True

1. Myth: All Gas Brands Are Identical

This is a tricky one, because it's certainly true to an extent. In fact, gasoline pumped through the same pipelines and stored in the same container will be used by many different companies. To this extent, gasoline is identical. By law, all companies that sell gas are required to add in a certain amount of detergent additives. This means that, for the most part, you can choose whichever gas station is cheapest or most convenient. Getting gas from a local generic gas station doesn't mean you're getting low-quality gas.

However, there is still one thing to consider: TOP TIER™ Gas. If you find a gas station that sells TOP TIER™ Gas, that means that it's put certain additional additives in the gasoline to make it run even cleaner. Testing by independent industry authorities has shown that engines using TOP TIER™ Gas have lower carbon deposits.

Conclusion: Mixture

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