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When you first get your new vehicle, the obsessive need to keep it clean, detailed, and maintained is pretty typical. After a while, as you grow accustomed to having this Toyota every day, maintenance starts falling to the wayside as your new vehicle turns into a reliable daily driver. If you're a stickler for cleanliness, you might keep a regular car wash service or interior cleaning, but routine maintenance falls to the background. When you give your vehicle the care and love it deserves over its lifetime, it can make the difference between an old reliable driver and a vehicle that breaks down in the middle of rush hour. We know that life can be hectic and remembering to bring your vehicle in or schedule a maintenance appointment is tedious and easy to forget. Sometimes cost can be a deterrent if you're worried about the routine oil change, or if you have some unspoken fears that your vehicle needs more work. We work to help streamline the process for you and hopefully take some of the stressors off of your shoulders with the Toyota Care Prepaid Maintenance Program. This service is backed by Toyota so you know your vehicle is getting the care it deserves to keep going strong. Service plans start at $319 (4-cyl & V6 engines) or $349 (V8 engines)*.

Vehicle Services1

Keeping the integrity of your vehicle and extending its overall longevity is one of the key reasons to keep up with routine maintenance. That's why it's included with your care program. This includes five service visits for an oil change2, tire rotation, filter replacement and a multi-point inspection. Keeping up with these services helps keep your Toyota going in peak condition for years to come, and our factory-trained and certified technicians always handle the maintenance so your vehicle gets the care it deserves. You have three years to use all of these services with this program.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance3

Vehicle breakdowns aren't something you plan, and when disaster strikes miles from civilization, you don't want to be stuck in a tight spot. With the ToyotaCare program you'll benefit from 24-hour roadside assistance so no matter the hour you aren't left high and dry. Emergency fuel delivery is covered in your program when the unthinkable happens and you run out on your way to the gas station. Flat tire service is included as well, along with lockout protection in case your keys escape you, or if you need a jumpstart one cold winter morning before work. You can even get towed to the nearest Toyota dealership if you are in a collision or if your vehicle breaks down and needs service.

Special Coupons

You have access to exclusive special coupons to save on selected maintenance services with the Toyota Prepaid Maintenance Program. We're here to help keep the costs down at Capitol Toyota.

Never Forget a Service

You don't have to fret about when your next maintenance appointment is due with the Toyota Service Care Prepaid Maintenance Program. From oil changes to a tire rotation and your brakes, we help personalize your service reminders so you know when the next appointment is due and what to expect.

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Get a Complete Service History

As part of the Toyota care program, we provide you with a complete maintenance history electronically. This helps you keep track of the maintenance previously done as well as what will be upcoming and you get a complete picture of the excellent care your vehicle received. This also helps to preserve your resale value if you decide to trade in further down the line.

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*See service advisor for complete details. Purchase of a maintenance plan is optional, cancellable, and not required to obtain credit.
1Additional services may be recommended by your servicing dealer. These additional services are not covered by your agreement and are your responsibility.
2The use of a synthetic grade engine oil may be indicated for your vehicle. Synthetic oil and filter changes may be required less often. Consult your vehicle's Scheduled Maintenance Guide for factory-recommended oil grade and service intervals.
3Does not include parts and fluids, except emergency fuel delivery. Valid only in the continental U.S. and Alaska.


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