Whatever the Weather, SightLine Wiper Blades Have Your Back

Winter is coming. Apart from over-used Game of Thrones memes featuring Ned Stark clutching a sword, this means time for frozen wiper blades.

Actually it means frozen just-about-everything, but one of the greatest road hazards you will face is reduced visibility-- and sometimes this is caused by your wiper blades leaving behind streaks of water that can freeze.

What you may not know is that wiper blades are only expected to last about a year. Some recommend changing them every six months.

You probably haven't done that.

It's okay, everyone can get a little behind on maintenance, and wiper blades are one of the most overlooked parts of your car.

We'll make this pretty easy for you. If you're noticing streaks or dirty residue being left behind when you use your windshield wipers, it's time for new ones. Visit us at Capitol Toyota. We're friendly, and we understand your need to gear-up for winter.

Our Parts Center will be happy to provide you with a brand new set of SightLine Hybrid Wiper Blades, perfectly tailored to your Toyota vehicle for maximum surface contact, and no streaks.

The covered blade design even resists being clogged with snow.

Don't wait for the first big winter storm to roll in. Pay us a visit in Salem, OR.

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