How to Change a Tire


Whether it happens down the street from your house or in a different state, it’s important to know how to switch your tire from a flat to a spare. Although it may seem easier to call a tow truck to haul your car and its flat away, it’s not always practical and never cost efficient, so roll up your sleeves and embrace the do-it-yourself moment  by following these 10 steps to change a tire.

1. Pull over and find a flat place away from traffic to change your flat. When parked, be sure to engage your parking brake.

2. Stabilize your wheels. Placing rocks, cement blocks,or wood in front and back of your tires will prevent your car from rolling while changing the tire.

3. Place the jack under the frame of the car near the flat. Raise the jack until it is just supporting, not lifting the car.

4. Remove the hubcap and just loosen the nuts. Remember to turn them counterclockwise while keeping in mind that it may require quite a bit of force to loosen the nuts!

5. Raise the jack until the tire is completely off the ground and high enough to replace the wheel.

6. Remove the lug nuts completely.

7. Remove the flat tire. Placing the flat tire under the lifted car can act as a protective barrier in the case that the jack fails.

8. Place the spare on the hub, align it, and tighten the lug nuts. Take special care to not place the tire on backwards.

9. Lower the jack and make sure all lug nuts are as tight as possible.

10. Store the flat tire and take it to a mechanic to be fixed as soon as possible.

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