The Importance of Headlight Maintenance

Motor vehicles are complex machines that require the conjunction of hundreds of individual parts, several unique processes, and mechanized teamwork as a single unit.

Although we think of the engine, transmission, radiator, steering column, etc. as a few of the central functions in motor vehicles, headlights are absolutely necessary for traveling at night.

Surprisingly, many vehicles in the United States have weak headlights. A study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that two-thirds of SUVs - sport utility vehicles - had the lowest-quality headlight rating. Other vehicles tested were largely the same.

While manufacturers have no plan to invest in high-quality headlights, you can start improving your vehicle's headlights by replacing the bulbs with either HID or LED bulbs, two market leaders for clear, powerful headlights.

Cleaning the lenses of your headlights - something we can do at Capitol Toyota - helps, although we also offer full-fledged services in headlight improvement and restoration. We hope to see you soon.

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