Toyota is at the Forefront of Developing Zero Emission Trucking

Last week, Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (TMNA) reported that "Project Portal" has been launched on the roads around the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. This zero-emission class 8 truck, which boasts a hydrogen fuel cell system that has been designed specifically for heavy truck use and emits nothing but water vapor, has completed over 4,000 miles of developmental driving.

Now that it's passed the testing and development phases, the Project Portal vehicle is ready to start transporting goods from Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach terminals to surrounding warehouses and rail yards. These consistent route will add up to around 200 miles per day, and are structured in a way that will test the fuel cell system's ability to endure demanding workloads while also reporting information regarding real world performance. As the study continues, longer routes will be added to the program.

In a press release, Bob Carter, Executive Vice President -- TMNA, declared, "From the introduction of the Mirai passenger vehicle to the creation of the heavy-duty fuel cell system in Project Portal, Toyota continues to demonstrate the versatility and scalability of the zero-emission fuel cell powertrain."

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