It Is Important to Routinely Examine Your Tires

The state of car's tires plays a large role in how they perform. If the tread of your tires is worn or if they are not inflated properly, then the result can be lost of traction, safety, and gas mileage. Because of this, you should carefully monitor the state of your vehicle's tires.

If your car's tires aren't inflated properly this will cause them to wear down tread unevenly. In the case of over inflation, this results in more wear on a thin section in the middle of the tire. For under inflation, this means more wear on the outside edge of the tire. A penny can be used to test the depth of your tread to determine if it is time for them to be serviced.

To have your car's tires routinely checked and, if need be, serviced, then visit us at Capitol Toyota in Salem. We stand at the ready to address your maintenance needs.

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