Winter Tires for Toyota Vehicles in Salem OR

Owning a vehicle is a big responsibility and you will have to make a variety of decisions throughout the life of your vehicle. One of these decisions is whether or not you will equip your vehicle with winter tires. Today we're going to help you decide if winter tires are right for your Toyota vehicle and where to find them in the Salem OR area.  

There are many advantages to investing in winter tires for your Toyota model. For starters, winter tires are designed with specific treads and material to perform in cold, winter conditions. The tread design features high density for better traction. Even if your vehicle has traction control or an anti-lock brake system, winter tires are still beneficial. These systems will help you drive safely, but they do no increase traction like winter tires can. By having winter tires, you will also extend the life of your summer ties. By changing your tires for the season, you also protect your original equipment from the harsh winter conditions. 


 When Should You Change to Winter Tires? 

The right time to switch your tires depends on a number of variables, including what the weather and season changes are like where you will be driving. Most automotive experts suggest changing to winter tires when the temperature is consistently below 45 degrees, but you can always consult our service experts here at Capitol Toyota. 

Find Toyota Winter Tires at Capitol Toyota 

If you are interested in investing in new winter tires, call or visit Capitol Toyota. We will be able to help you find the perfect set of tires to match your vehicle's needs. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you every step of the way. We can even help you change your tires when needed. Make an appointment with our service center whenever your vehicle needs routine maintenance or repairs. We always just a call or click away.

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