To:       Kelly Stewart

            Capitol Toyota

Good Morning Kelly . . . I want to thank you for initiating review of tire replacement for my ?08 RAV 4.  When I purchased the vehicle you talked of the ?service commitment? your team had toward customers.  This, in my mind, always starts with good communications and follow up with the client.  I received the call you promised from your Service Manager, Dan Levenhagen, shortly after our conversation.  This was followed by a second call from Assistant Service Manager, Dave Ames, the same afternoon.  Finally, tire replacement with tires of my choice, and as recommended by Dave, were installed a few days later.

My first Toyota was purchased in Santa Cruz, California, at Toyota of Santa Cruz a number of years ago.  At that dealership it was clear the customer was important each and every time he arrived at the dealership.  The service process system worked.  Capitol Toyota?s service system and follow-up shop activity is similar and has worked well for me on each occasion.  You have proven that again.  Thank you.

As long as Toyota retains high quality product, competitive value and effectively operated dealerships I will be a repeat customer.


McMinnville, OR