Of all the vehicle components drivers need service for, the muffler is one of the most common. Looking for a place to go for muffler repair and service in Salem, OR? Capitol Toyota, located at 783 Auto Group Avenue NE, can help drivers with any of their ongoing muffler issues and educate them about proper maintenance.

Like many other vehicle components, your muffler will deteriorate over time. Both the interior and the exterior of the muffler can degrade with use, to the point that a replacement will eventually be necessary. Rust is the most common contributor to muffler degradation, forming due to day-to-day condensation, exposure to road salt during winter and other environmental factors. A steady stream of water coming out of a muffler is a major indicator of rust damage. 

Why is My Muffler Important?

Your muffler serves a variety of purposes as you drive. As its name suggests, the muffler reduces the sound made by the engine while it's active. The muffler achieves this by redirecting the sound waves created by the engine down a series of internal chambers and tubes, reducing the amount of noise made by the engine during operation.

More importantly, the muffler also plays a role in reducing the amount of exhaust that gets into your vehicle's cabin. If the muffler becomes cracked or thoroughly deteriorated, exhaust fumes containing hazardous toxins and chemicals such as carbon monoxide can find their way into the cabin and cause potential harm.

Capitol Toyota has served the automotive needs of Salem, OR and its neighboring communities for over 80 years. Our expert team of automotive specialists can help drivers with any vehicle issues they're experiencing and are trained to deliver top-tier customer service. Your vehicle will be back in your hands as quickly as possible, issue-free.