Reasons Why Wheel Alignment is Important - Toyota Service Information To Know in Salem, OR

Most car owners know to blame their vehicle's alignment if the car starts to drift to the left or right while driving -- but did you know that your alignment could be off even without these symptoms? Other problems can be caused by a vehicle that's in need of alignment service. We'll tell you about them below! The team at Capitol Toyota wants you to have all the information you need about your vehicle's alignment. Here are four reasons that it's important to make sure your car's alignment is set properly.

Driver Turning Steering Wheel

4. Bad Alignment Makes Your Car More Difficult To Control

The symptom most commonly associated with your vehicle's alignment is a car that seems to "pull" to one side. Even with the steering wheel at its centerpoint, if your vehicle turns to the right or left, forcing you to constantly correct your steering angle, you may need an alignment service. The car may meander around your lane, the steering wheel may feel loose and have additional play, and the car may only track straight with the steering wheel turned slightly.

Front & Rear Alignment Machine

3. Bad Alignment Can Make Your Steering Wheel Shake & Vibrate

While other issues could cause this symptom, such as wheels that are out of balance or brake rotors that are warped, bad alignment has been known to cause your steering wheel to shake as well. The vibrations are caused by front wheels that aren't aligned in the same direction. As the front wheels fight each other, it'll create vibrations that can shake the steering wheel and cause the whole vehicle to shudder. If this problem is caused by poor alignment, a simple adjustment should eliminate these irritating vibrations.

2. Bad Alignment Can Make Your Drive More Tiring

Having to constantly correct your steering and endure harsh vibrations can make every drive an unpleasant experience. If your alignment is bad enough, just maintaining control over your vehicle can give you a serious forearm workout! And while we're all for finding a few minutes in the day to burn some calories, your mind should be on safe driving when you're behind the wheel. Poor alignment can be a safety risk for this reason -- it's much easier to lose control and even a momentary loss of control can send you on a path toward disaster.

Worn Tires

1. Bad Alignment Accelerates Tire Wear

There's one more symptom of bad wheel alignment that can cost you money down the road, one that you might not have realized: accelerated tire wear. A vehicle with a correct alignment set-up distributes its weight equally across the traction patch of all four tires. But, if your wheels are misaligned, this can cause your tires to wear unevenly. For example, if your car pulls to the right, chances are the tires on the right side of the vehicle are wearing out much faster. Bad alignment can also cause your tires themselves to wear out on one side, or in patches known as "cupping" wear.

Driving for too long with poor alignment could mean you'll be paying for a pricy new set of tires sooner than you would otherwise need to. Instead, head to Capitol Toyota and let us keep your tires lasting longer with a vehicle alignment check! If your alignment needs adjusting, we'll restore your vehicle to its factory alignment specs.