Things To Know About Toyota Car Audio & Stereo Installation in Salem, OR

From radio commercials to billboards and junk mail, it can be hard to avoid advertising for those aftermarket car audio and stereo installation shops. Surely these shops are doing something right if they can afford all this advertising. However, what are you really getting when you take your Toyota to the popular car audio pro store? There's a good chance that you'll find quality products and capable installation, but there's also a chance that you won't. Before letting anyone install a new stereo or car audio system in your Toyota, consider the following five things. It's just one more way that we want to help you have all the Toyota information you need. If you have any questions, please give our dealership service center a call at Capitol Toyota.

This type of aftermarket car audio system may not be worth the hassle 

5. Just How Much Stereo Does Your Toyota Need?

If you've ever experienced a car audio competition, you'll know that what's possible when it comes to a car stereo is quite remarkable. As cool as these wild car audio systems may be, there not typically recommended for the average driver. Not only can these stereo systems damage your hearing, they can also draw unwanted attention from law enforcement and neighbors who were napping. Remember, many towns and cities throughout the Pacific Northwest have sound ordinances, and you could pay a price for having a car stereo system that's too loud.

For those who would just like to have a better stereo in their Toyota, the service and parts department at an authorized Toyota dealership can make your car audio upgrade and installation easy.

These aftermarket car audio components may look and sound great, as long as they keep working 

4. Difference Between Aftermarket & Factory-Approved Car Audio

Technically, the term aftermarket refers to anything intended for a vehicle after it's reached a dealership. However, our dealership technicians typically think of Toyota accessories as being in one of two camps. First, there are the parts and accessories that have been approved by factory engineers to work flawlessly with your Toyota. Then, there's everything else in the aftermarket like what you'll find at the generic auto parts franchise or from that mega online store. The difference is often between confident reliability and simply throwing money away.

3. Is Your Car Audio Upgrade Approved To Work With Other Car Systems?

It used to be that a car stereo system was essentially its own thing. If you had the power wired properly and a fuse somewhere in the circuit, you were usually good to go. Today, car audio systems are far more complex and integrated into a variety of other systems in your vehicle. Now, there are steering wheel controls, satellite telematics, and driver assist technologies all integrated with sophisticated infotainment systems that do a lot more than tune in your favorite FM radio frequency.

When it comes to car audio installations on modern Toyota models, you're best bet is to trust the factory-trained technicians at an authorized dealership service center like ours at Capitol Toyota.

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2. Make Sure Your Car Audio Installation Is Backed By A Warranty

When dealing with sophisticated things like modern car stereo systems, it only makes sense to get some manner of warranty behind the products and their installation. Most independent car audio shops will offer some type of warranty, but you'll likely find that it's not as good as what you'll get from the service center at an authorized dealer like Capitol Toyota. Here, we stand behind any and all work that our factory-trained technicians perform. What's more, we only use factory-approved parts and components that are guaranteed to work seamlessly with the rest of the vehicle's systems. The result is an expert installation of quality audio components that you can trust.

1. Ask Your Local Toyota Dealership About Car Audio Upgrades

If you're looking to win one of those car audio competitions we mentioned above, our Toyota service center may not be able to help. However, if you have an older Toyota or would like to explore factory-approved upgrades for your ride, we've got you covered. Our prices are competitive with independent shops, but our work and the components we install are backed by the factory for a level of quality that's second to none.

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