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Mysterious leaks can be troubling -- especially if there hasn't been any rain, yet your car's interior is still leaking! After all, rain seeping past your window and door seals makes sense. But did you know that your car's internal components can leak, too? We'll tell you more below, so you can finally solve the mystery of the puddle of unknown origin.

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Damage to your car's doors could create leaks in the weathestripping that you'll want repaired

4. Bad Weatherstripping Around Windows

If you suspect that the water leaking into your car is coming from outside the vehicle, due to rain, snow or condensation, you'll want to begin by checking the weatherstripping around your windows. The rubber seals that border your windows are designed to keep the elements out of the vehicle, but the rubber compounds will break down after years of sitting in the sun's damaging UV rays. As the rubber degrades, the seals may eventually spring leaks. If you can also hear the whooshing noise of the wind coming through the seals as you drive, that could also be caused by such a leak.

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3. Clogged Door Drains

The ability to raise and lower your vehicle's windows has many benefits, but it does have at least one drawback: it could allow water to enter the door panel itself. Car doors are designed with drains that allow the water to drip harmlessly onto the road as you drive, but if these drains become clogged, rain and snowmelt can collect inside the doors and eventually leak into the interior. To fix this problem, you'll want to make sure to keep your door drains free of road debris.

2. Backed-Up A/C Evaporator Drain

If the water inside your car isn't coming from the outside, it could actually be coming from the vehicle itself. Perhaps the most common cause of this problem is an A/C system leak.

The heater core in your car is like a small radiator that warms the cabin on cold days

If you find water is leaking into your car on the passenger's side, check for water dripping down the dashboard. The A/C system features an evaporator, which helps to keep you cool by drawing heat and humidity out of the cabin. The condensation it collects is designed to drain out of the evaporator, but this drain can also become clogged by bits of road debris, like leaves, twigs and litter. Since the evaporator is usually located just behind the dashboard on the passenger's side, it can cause a puddle to form in your passenger's footwell when the system backs up with water.

1. Leaking Heater Core

Another possible source of water leaking onto the passenger's side isn't actually water at all. It's another HVAC component leaking, but it's leaking coolant, not water. The heater core heats the air entering through the climate vents when the heater is on. Hot antifreeze from the engine flows to the heater core to warm the air. If the heater core becomes damaged, rusty or corroded for any reason, it could develop a leak. This would allow coolant to collect in the interior. If the liquid leaking into your car is warm, has a sweet aroma or has a visible green, blue or pink color, it's likely to be engine coolant from the heater core.

No matter what's causing your interior leak issue, we can fix it at Capitol Toyota. Visit us the next time your car has a problem that requires a fix from Salem's Toyota experts.

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