Things to Know if You Smell Gas Inside Your Vehicle - Toyota Service Information To Know in Salem, OR

The smell of gasoline coming from your car is a warning sign that's not to be ignored. While it's not uncommon to smell gasoline fumes coming from other vehicles from time to time, if you can identify that the smell is coming from your vehicle, head to Capitol Toyota for a fix. Gasoline vapors can be toxic and even represent a fire risk in high enough concentrations. We'll tell you about the three most common reasons you might smell gas below.

Dual Exhaust System

3. Exhaust Leaks

If you smell gas as you drive, it could be coming from the exhaust. Unburned gasoline that comes out the tailpipe as gasoline fumes indicates that all the gas isn't being burned up during combustion. Not only does this mean gasoline fumes are being put out into the atmosphere, it means your engine is probably making less power and using more fuel than it should. This means your engine may need some service, to repair bad fuel injectors, a bad O2 sensor, a clogged intake filter or other problem related to the engine's air/fuel ratio.

Fuel Injector Test

2. Fuel Leaks

If you smell fuel coming from your car, but it's coming from the engine compartment, rather than the exhaust, that points to a leak in the fuel system. On most modern cars, fuel injectors located in the intake or inserted directly into the engine itself spray a precise amount of fuel during each cycle. If the seals around these injectors degrade, or a leak develops in a fuel line leading to the engine, you may be able to smell gas. If the leak is significant enough, you may even be able to see a puddle under the car -- but not always! A small fuel leak may just congeal on other parts of the engine without making it all the way to the ground. So, if you smell fuel but don't see it, you may still have a dangerous fuel leak.

Installing Gas Cap

1. Malfunctioning Fuel Tank & EVAP System

There's one more way the smell of gasoline could enter the cabin from your car: if your vehicle's gas cap isn't sealing properly, gasoline fumes may leave via the fuel filler. What's more, modern cars have special EVAP systems designed to recapture gasoline fumes in the fuel tank so they can be burned in the engine, rather than vented to the atmosphere. If either of these items suffer a problem a smell of gasoline could result.

Gasoline fumes aren't something to leave to chance or ignore, so head to Capitol Toyota for an expert repair if you smell gasoline coming from your car.