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April 12, 2019

That healthy click or beep that lets you know your vehicle is locked may not be something you pay much mind to. But what happens if your car locks or keys aren't working the way they're supposed to? Our authorized Toyota dealership service center has seen just about everything that could go wrong with a vehicle, and that includes with the locks and keys. In this article, we list five things you should know about the keys and locks in your Toyota.

If you don't find the information that you're looking for here, please give us a call or stop by to discuss the matter with one of our friendly service advisers. The problem may be something better addressed by our authorized body shop, or one of our factory-trained service technicians may be able to take care of the issue quickly and affordably.

Learn how having another car key stored in a safe place might save the day! 

5. How to Get Keys Out of a Locked Car

The internet is full of articles and videos that essentially detail how to break into a car. If you're desperate, these may work in some cases. However, we don't recommend it. Without the experience and skill that the professionals have, it's very easy to damage your vehicle and end up with an unnecessary repair bill. What's more, modern automotive engineering has rendered many of the DIY techniques obsolete.

If you have a new Toyota, it came with ToyotaCare, which includes roadside assistance. Simply call for help, and an expert will come out and retrieve your keys as an included service with your new Toyota. What's more, modern Toyota models are available with telematics subscription through the Entune™ infotainment system. Simply make a phone call, and you can have your car unlocked through this technology without waiting for roadside assistance.

If your vehicle is older, we strongly recommend having a roadside assistance service to help in these situations.

Learn more ways to protect your vehicle from the pros at Capitol Toyota of Salem. 

4. What if Your Car Key is Stuck in the Lock?

This one can be tricky. If your car key is stuck in a door lock, chances are that something is wrong with the key, lock, or both. If you get aggressive in trying to remove the stuck key, there's a good chance that you'll only make things worse and drive up the repair bill. In this situation, we recommend bringing the car into an authorized service center like ours at Capitol Toyota where an expert can address the matter properly.

If your key is stuck in the ignition, the solution may prove a bit easier. Start with the basics like ensuring the gear shift is in Park and that the key is in the proper position for removal. Most vehicles are also equipped with a steering wheel lock that works as an anti-theft feature. Try turning the steering wheel back and forth as you try to remove the key. If your key is stuck in the ignition and the vehicle won't turn off, there's likely an issue with the lock cylinder and/or the key. This is another situation where we recommend having the experts do any necessary repairs.

Contact our service department professionals for more information and answers to your door lock and ignition questions. 

3. What if a Car Door or Ignition Lock is Stuck?

If you're able to insert and remove a key, but it won't turn in the lock, the solution may be as simple as checking to make sure you have the correct key. If you do have the right key, the problem may be with the lock, key, or both. Over time, the key can wear down and not work as well, and the same is true of the internal components in the lock itself. Ultimately, an expert should look at this problem to determine what will be the best fix. Often, simply getting a new key is all you'll need.

2. What if the Remote on the Key Fob Isn't Working?

A key fob that remotely locks and unlocks one's vehicle has become so common that you might take it for granted. That is, until the day that it doesn't work and you end up setting off the horn by unlocking your door manually with the key. As frustrating as this may be, the solution is usually as simple as replacing the small battery in the key fob. Swing by our parts department, and we can test the signal from your key fob and set you up with a new battery if needed. In some cases, a new battery won't work. That's when you'll probably need a new key.

1. What To Know About Getting a New Key Fob For Your Vehicle

The important thing to consider here is where you get a new key from. Your local hardware store may offer keys that will work, but it's only through an OEM key fob replacement from an authorized dealership that you can be certain of the quality and reliability of a new key. What's more, modern car keys need to be properly paired with the vehicle, and that typically requires specialized equipment. Simply having the battery out of the key fob for too long could mean that you need to pair it with the vehicle again, and that's not usually something you can do in your driveway.

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