Capitol Toyota can help your vehicle maintain a stable and smooth ride with the Toyota Steering and Suspension Service. When it comes to automobile maintenance, your car will occasionally let you know when it needs servicing. Some of the clues your car gives you will be obvious, like the check engine light. Other clues will be subtle, like sounds or noises the car makes when going over a bump in the road. The following clues likely indicate your car needs steering and suspension services:

  • ·         Noise when car encounters bumps in the road
  • ·         Noticeable vehicle bouncing on paved streets
  • ·         The vehicle is turning harder than usual
  • ·         Wear on the tires is uneven

If your car is experiencing any of these symptoms, get it in to be serviced as soon as possible. During a steering and suspension service check, our excellent service team will look at several aspects of your vehicle. This includes:

  • ·         Front End
  • ·         Rear End
  • ·         Shocks
  • ·         Struts
  • ·         Power Steering
  • ·         Differential

Get Your Vehicle Serviced at Capitol Toyota Service Center

Our goal at Capitol Toyota is to offer our customers with excellent service on their Toyota vehicle at an affordable price. Our excellent team of certified service technicians can provide customers with excellent service in a timely manner. We pride ourselves and utilizing the best techniques for diagnosing the issue and repairing it right the first time. We also only use Genuine Toyota Parts in our repair or replacement services. If you find yourself in the need of quality vehicle maintenance, please visit our location at 783 Auto Group Ave NE in Salem, OR. You can also schedule service online or call the Service Center at (888) 711-3561. We are happy to help keep your Toyota vehicle running as long as possible. Visit us at Capitol Toyota today!