Transmission Fluid Maintenance and Replacement in Salem OR

Any Toyota vehicle is a masterpiece, a marvel of modern engineering that combines many top-quality components to give you a smooth and responsive drive largely unparalleled in the rest of the automotive industry. Included among this machinery is your transmission system, the unsung hero of just about every kind of model. Though we often put a lot of weight on the actual process of shifting and downshifting through the daily drive, equally as important is keeping your transmission system properly lubricated with the right kind of fluid. Over time, your transmission fluid is prone to burning and losing its effectiveness, and that's why it's paramount to get it replaced once every 30,000 miles or so.

If you've been noticing some diminished performance when it comes to shifting from park to reverse or drive, including delays and slippage, it might be time to get your Toyota a fresh batch of transmission lubrication. Here at Capitol Toyota, we're proud to offer Transmission Fluid Maintenance and Replacement in Salem OR, and we're prepared to see you today!

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There are plenty of advantages of coming to us for all your automotive needs. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is never ending, meaning that now is as good a time for travel as any. This, of course, means that your transmission needs to be working in top shape to keep you moving forward in confidence. Our factory-certified technicians are equipped to work on any Toyota model, using only the finest OEM parts and taking the utmost care during the process. We'll treat each and every vehicle like it was one of our own!

There are many resources you can utilize to make your experience with us top notch. You're free to schedule service right from our website, and we offer many coupons and specials that allow you to get the best prices possible for whatever you need done on your Toyota models. Contact us today to get back on the road feeling great about what lies ahead!


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