Windshield damage is a serious automotive issue because it impairs visibility, can become a serious safety hazard and only gets worse with time. That's why drivers with a damaged windshield should schedule an appointment for automotive glass service as soon as possible. Drivers interested in windshield replacement and repair in Salem, OR should schedule an appointment with Capitol Toyota, located at 783 Auto Group Avenue.

Windshield damage can happen for a variety of reasons. Road debris is a common cause, especially for vehicles that regularly travel off-road. Other common causes for cracks and chips in the windshield are vandalism, extreme changes in temperature and bad weather such as extreme wind or large hail. Windshield cracks will expand over time due to the natural vibration of vehicles. Because of this, windshield damage should be addressed as soon as possible.

What Determines if a Windshield Needs Replacing?

An automotive specialist will assess the damage done to a vehicle's windshield to see if it can be repaired or if a replacement is necessary. Generally, a windshield needs to be replaced if the structural integrity of the layered glass is compromised. This is determined by looking at the damage depth, size and location.

No matter what type of damage your windshield has received, the vehicle experts at Capitol Toyota will be happy to help. Our team of automotive specialists will take a look at your windshield and determine what the next best course of action is, whether it's repairs or a full replacement.  

In addition to windshield replacement and repair, Capitol Toyota can also assist drivers in the Salem, OR community with automotive services like: Exhaust repair, transmission service, multi-point vehicle inspection, engine air filter replacement, battery service and replacement, oil changes, brake repair and replacement, engine tune-up service and many others.