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Adventure in Salem


We feel the sun peering through the trees telling us spring is near and you know what that means—it’s adventure time!

Whether you’re a hiker, biker, 4-wheeler, birder or the off-roading type, Salem has a landscape that lends itself well to adventure, both in the city and out.

So, grab your notebook and camera, this weekend won’t be boring.

Take your dog to Minto-Brown Island Park!


Forget the frills of the…
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2017 Toyota 86 is Getting a Direct Injection of Performance Features in an 860 Special Edition Iteration

Sports car enthusiasts will remember March 13, 2017. Toyota sped out the gate in Torrance, CA with a fresh press release bespeaking 2017 Toyota 86 getting some serious new perks.

The 2017 Toyota 86 base, we all know and love. Its 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder DOHC engine shells out a zippy 205 horsepower at up to 7,000 rpm with propulsive torque at…

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Gardening in Early Spring

Some say the holiday season is the happiest time of year, but we disagree. There is something so special about early spring—the crisp air and the sweet promise of a sunnier tomorrow.

The smell of the new life in the air is enough to make butterflies dance in our bellies with excitement.

If you are wondering what we’re so excited for, we’re going to ask you to strap on your crocs and…

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Deal with the Problem Sooner than later

Ah, the dreaded check engine light. But all is not lost when yours lights up -- if you move quickly, you can normally handle your car's issue before it balloons into a huge one. There are many calls to action that you can take. If you like to take things into your own hands, you can buy an inexpensive code reader to figure out why the light is on. Or, you can take it into your mechanic. Either way, it normally isn't a huge deal and can even be something like a loose gas cap, or something to do…
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Should a Startup Buy or Lease Its Car?

Startups need to be sensible with their scarce resources. You have heard of "not putting the cart before the horse, right?" The startup should make sure it is extremely efficient with its capital. Should a startup buy or lease its car?

The reasons why startups might want to lease cars is 1. Affordability, 2. Efficient Capital Usage, 3. Tax Benefits and 4. New Car Trade-Ins. Leasing tends to offer a lower monthly payment. The short-term lease is more efficient than a lump-sum purchase. You might be able to write-off the car as a business expense. You can trade in the…
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TRD Pro Series


There’s a warmth in the air reminding us that spring is near. We couldn’t be more excited for gardening, adventures and the rain that comes with the season.

 For Toyota TRD Pro owners, it’s time to get muddy.

But if you’re not a TRD Pro owner, you may be wondering what the TRD Pro Series even is.Let us assure you it encompasses everything an off-roading vehicle should be.

The TRD…
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Why You Should Buy a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle

New vehicles are great because you know they're reliable, and come with all sorts of warranty protections. Used vehicles are awesome because of their affordability and ability to hold value. But how do you get the best of both in Salem? With a Toyota Certified Used vehicle.

Why should you buy a Toyota Certified Used vehicle? Consider the advantages:

  • Every Toyota Certified Used vehicle has passed a 160-point Quality Assurance Inspection, and you get a CARFAX Vehicle History Report. All so you can be confident in its reliability.
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How to Prolong Your Car's Life


Toyota vehicles are known for their ability to live long and prosper. We’ve seen some on the road with more than 300,000 miles! You may be wondering how, and we’ve got answers. It really starts with the quality of the vehicle. Some of the most innovative minds are behind the Toyotas we drive. Modern innovation and a long history of reliability gives Toyota the great genetics that have allowed them to outlive…
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2017 Toyota Highlander Earns Top Safety Rating

Safety on the Salem roads is of paramount importance. It doesn't just come down to driving techniques, but also how well your vehicle is suited to protect you. The 2017 Toyota Highlander puts all your fears to rest, because it's been named an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus.

The Highlander earned the top safety rating using only standard equipment. Why is that impressive? Because most other vehicles who also achieved the same safety rating required optional equipment to do so.

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