Reasons the Vehicle's Dash Lights Go Out - Toyota Service Information To Know in Salem, OR

If the dashboard lights have gone out in your car, it can make seeing vital information in the instrument cluster difficult. Find out what can cause this problem below! As with most things involving the electronics on your car, you may find it advantageous to trust the pros with this job. We can figure out exactly what's gone wrong and fix it right, so you can spend your precious time doing something else. Find out what may have gone wrong below, and what it'll take to fix it.

Dashboard Lights Illuminated

4. Dimmer Switch

Sometimes located low on the dashboard or on the door panel where it can be bumped on accident, the dimmer switch allows you to adjust the brightness of your vehicle's dashboard and other interior lights. In most city driving conditions, ambient light means you'll want the brightness all the way up. But, on dark, rural roads, the dashboard could become uncomfortably bright. The dimmer switch helps here. But, if your dimmer switch was adjusted without your noticing, the dashboard may be too dim to see in the cities and suburbs. Find the dimmer switch and make sure it's set to max before you take any more drastic measures.

Blown Automotive Fuse

3. Blown Fuse

The electronics on your car are routed through a fuse box, much like the breaker box in your home or office, which protects components from sudden surges of electricity. A wiring short or malfunctioning accessory could cause such a surge. When too much current travels through a circuit, the fuse will blow, interrupting the connection before damage can occur. If your dashboard lights aren't working, find the fuse associated with your dashboard lights and check inside. If the fuse has blown, replacing it may be all you need to do to fix the problem.

2. Burned-Out Dashboard Bulbs

While modern cars also feature video dashboard screens and LED-backlit dashboards that will last longer, many times it's ordinary light bulbs behind the dashboard that provide illumination. And, just like all ordinary light bulbs, they'll eventually burn out. If that's the case, we recommend swinging by our service center for a professional repair. Accessing the back of the instrument cluster without damaging your interior requires special know-how and specific tools. Better yet, we've got the parts in-stock that your Toyota needs, including light bulbs, so you can get back on the road faster.

Messy Wiring Harness

1. Wiring Fault

If the bulbs are good, the fuse is in-tact and the dimmer switch is set to max, then the electrical connection to the instrument cluster may be broken. This is unlikely but not unheard of. Did you know that rodents have been known to seek out cars in order to chew on the wiring harness? Wires can also rub against other wires or metal components and break, or a significant impact could jar something out of place. Head to Capitol Toyota for a professional diagnostic if you suspect this has happened to your vehicle.